I’ve spent most of the day setting up for the annual BFA show. There was a lot more wall prep than I anticipated, but overall it was exciting to finally see the past, present, future series displayed together.

I got the three pieces photographed earlier this week and left the Present piece outside in the MECA greenspace, in the rain! The steel rod got a little rusty, but it works out nicely for the show because the color now goes well with the white oak used in the other pieces and helps tie them all them together as a whole.

(This is my artist statement and labels that I’m using in the show…)

             I wonder if my decisions are influenced by my surroundings more than by instinct.
As social and political animals, our innate desire to belong to groups has created environments full of artificiality. The resulting compound of organic and inorganic elements from the constructed world continuously shapes our identities. These decide how we interpret  our surroundings.
  My sculptures are reminiscent of familiar urban and domestic objects in society. This familiarity, in addition to the accessible scale of the pieces, establishes opportunities for the viewer to reflect on personal associations that develop and to question his relation to them.
Hannah Merchant, Woodworking and Furniture Design ‘13

Past: An Altered Vision
White Oak, Walnut, Steel Tacks
26″ x 16″ x 72″

Present: A Steady Juncture
Maple, Steel, Plaster, Soil
25″ x 25″ x 68″

Future: A Task at Hand
Maple, White Oak, Fabric, Rubber, LED Lights
45″ x 10″ x 40″


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