IMG_9352I recently got my newest piece, Replant, photographed by Gabriella Sturchio for the BFA Thesis Exhibition and online Index Show! I will be exhibiting from May 3-22 at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery at MECA. Be sure to come check it out!

(I’ve included my artist statement for the show BELOW. More photos of this piece can be found on my website!)


We live in a manufactured ecosystem where convenience is prioritized. The built environment skews innate needs with desires of convenience that become inseparable. Along with this, domestication disconnects us from the natural systems that exist beneath our constructed world.

Furniture symbolizes how we have adjusted the environment to meet our needs. These objects I have made are informed by the need for separation and convenience. They ensure the user remains autonomous when interacting with natural systems.

I reference elements of domestic existence and the sterile environment of an exam room as well as urban farming materials because all are used to bypass natural processes. These materials and contexts investigate strategies used to sustain life through the creation of ecosystems in an artificial environment.

The experience of growing food in an artificial environment revealed how a plants needs change compared to its needs in a natural setting. Their increased dependence on my care caused me to recognize how the urban environment defines my needs as an individual. By forming these connections between the natural and social systems around me, I am better able to understand the system of myself.


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